A Sense of Dis-Place. Why Where We Live Matters – To Some.

Hello  everyone.

Sorry about the last post.  I was upset – bitter.  I made myself get up at 6am for a kite surfing dawn patrol at the The Street in Tankerton with Wade and it blew all the cobwebs away.  Thankfully, Isobel did come home last night, but I haven’t seen her yet today.  Kids eh?  Tsk!

Something has really got me properly narked today – read THIS!


Don’t the bloody BBC (I’d like to point out that this is NOT the broadcaster that supported my film) realise that the DFLs that live in these houses don’t need a holiday somewhere else because A. They can afford it themselves and B. They live in the nicest bloody houses in the effing town anyway.  This is tax payers money going on this!  Ok.  I’m a DFL – but I live in a humble cottage!  I do my best to blend in, be civil.  I keep a low profile.  This shocks and saddens me.  I bet they are all over this on Mumsnet.

Do I sound jealous?  Well I’m not.  I LOVE living in my little cottage.  Ok, so I’m squashed between a noisey holiday let and a family of locals with, well, too many children.  I’m a whole street away from a pub, but I can hear it and I regularly have puke on the pavement outside.  But – but!  It’s REAL, man.  I’m keeping it real!  That’s why we moved here.  To be part of this – to embrace it.

So, to counter the BBC  I’ve made a little map of Whitstable and all the good and bad places to live.  Please forward to  your local estate agent.  Lol!

Conrad's Property final

Please understand I was very hungover when I drew this, so if your property is slightly out of a decent area, don’t worry about it. You can always draw your own map. Or move.

I just want to put it out there that I hate DFLs that won’t try and fit in and ghettoise bits of the town.  I’ve made it my priority over the last 5 years to be a useful member of the community and it’s owned me respect and affection.  I took a less superior property so I was accepted.  I recommend others from London do the same.  I have helpfully outlined (in pink) the areas they might consider, to be more honest, humble DFLs, that also accommodate lower budgets.

Maybe the BBbloodyC ought to offer  people who really need to get out of their crappy towns a house swap?  I’d much rather watch that than some smug DFL swapping with some Northener from – Chester…

Hungover.  Going to bed.


6 thoughts on “A Sense of Dis-Place. Why Where We Live Matters – To Some.

  1. Hi Conrad,
    Just a quick question…..on the map are the locals supposed to be in the area that smells of fish or the area that smells of human waste? Seeing as I seem to live in “DFL area alpha” on your hungover map, I’m figuring that I should probably be moving to make way for some more people to “live the dream and keep it real”


  2. That I’m suddenly going to be surrounded by DFLs complaining that I’m sanding my floors to loudly on a Monday afternoon.


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