Lock ‘n’ Load. The DFLs are ASSIMILATED!

2014-07-03 13.54.30

Welcome.  This is my office today…jealous?

Well maybe you could do what I did and move down from London to Whitstable and be free of the  office, the boss, the stress.  Here’s a bit about me…

I’m Conrad Blaine, but you probably know me as C.K.Blaine (oh yeah, I’m  the one that won that Bafta, back in the day).   For the purposes of this blog, I’m just plain old Conrad.  Just here to reflect, share and muse about my perfect  little family life by the sea, in Whitstable.

2014-07-03 13.48.28

I like to keep things simple. My beautiful wife, Pippa, is in charge (she’ll kill me for saying that!).  Second in command is my stunning eldest daughter, Isobel.  My immedate line manager is Miranda, age 13.  I’m sure, if Pippa allowed us to have pets, I’d probably be lower down the food chain than them too, but it suits me!  Lol.

My days are about family, spending time in town with my new, local, friends, writing (naturally), the beach – rain or shine and keeping it real.  It’s all about living in the moment, relishing every second of life free of the city – the sea, the light, the wonderful sense of belonging –  now I’ve become a fully integrated, valued member of the community here.

It took a while!  DFLs (Down From London’s) aren’t always welcome, but we’ve been here 5 years, and now, you can barely tell us apart from the Whitstable people born and bred here.

So, if you are thinking about making a break from the stress of life in London, taking it down a few gears and heading coastward, this is the blog to follow.  I’ll be featuring the best places to eat, drink, be seen and chill as well as the landmarks, beauty spots and annual events.  Come and join me – Down By the Sea.

10 thoughts on “Lock ‘n’ Load. The DFLs are ASSIMILATED!

  1. With all due respect sir; you’re a complete and utter pillock and I will now tell you why that is. Now let’s see; you yourself do not fit in the mainstream, conventional look that society accepts with regards to men when it comes to being clean shaven. I dare say you have also encountered some prejudice because of this, am I right? What do you think of people that point an accusing finger at you and belittle and scoff at your appearance because you choose to be different and have embraced being a bearded gentleman? Is it not everyone’s right to adopt a look that they are comfortable with and not be stereotyped and criticised for it? You sir, are doing the exact same thing to us “Silver Sisters” that others are doing against men like you who are proud of their beards. You also go on to say, and I quote, “These women, I’ve observed, all seem to be domineering, bossy and so irritatingly sure of themselves.” That is you making a general sweeping statment. How can you say such a thing with certainty? Have you met each and every one of us, eh? Do we all fit in that neat pigeon hole you have carved out for us? It’s like me saying that all bearded men are as disgusting and awful as the bearded character in Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ children’s fiction book. That would be innacurate and not true….a misrepresentation of bearded men, right? And yet you get on your soap box and do the exact same thing to us that others do when opposing men with beards. Wake up man, you’re a walking talking hypocrite and you know it!

    Kind regards, a silver sister who is not either “bossy or irritatingly sure of herself”. 🙂


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